Name: hannah Show: Plymouth Review: We arrived at the Pavilions at 7.30pm (8pm start).  I was absolutely shattered having awoken at some unearthly hour this morning because the hotel room in Tunbridge Wells which I had booked into for the night was like an icebox. How does he do it?, I mused, while being thrown […]

Name: Sylvia Waite Show: Tunbridge Wells Review: Thank you for a magical evening on  18th MAy.  Despite the battle with the appalling sound system and worse lighting, Don could still deliver a master class of understated musical genius. Songs to wrench the emotions were delivered with such feeling. He commanded the silence with ‘Vincent’in an […]

Name: Annie Show: Nidd Hall, Harrogate Review: To write a review of Dons concert at Nidd has provoked so many emotions it’s hard to know where to start. The anticipation of knowing that I’m am going to see Don is almost too hard to bear I can’t sleep can’t eat for the excitement it’s a […]

Name: david leckie Show: pavilion in glasgow Review: The backing group were far too loud for my wife and I, to hear Don McLean properly at first, especially as we were upstairs. We still enjoyed and were moved by Mr McLeans performance, I think the fans enjoy the quieter numbers but never mind please,please come […]

Name: Neil Wyatt Show: Derby Review: Don McLeans 31st UK Anniversary Tour At the Assembly Rooms Derby on the 14th May 2003 For those short of reading time, here are a few points of the evening before going into detail: * A program was available priced at 5 each and Don was available at the […]