5,000 people parading through the streets of Michigan’s second largest city, Grand Rapids, lip synching to Don McLean’s “American Pie.” This version of “American Pie” is from Don McLean’s 1976 album called “Solo”, still widely available.

A comprehensive album of Don McLean’s best songs will be released in North America on March 25 2003. Called the legendary songs of Don McLean, this package will be on the EMI label and will receive extensive television advertising. Sure to be a hit! Track listing as follows: Words & Music American Pie Since I […]


SPECIAL EDITION: D-40DM DON McLEAN SIGNATURE EDITION 71 Instruments To Commemorate The Year That “American Pie” was released. Don McLean has been a loyal player of Martin guitars throughout his career with more than 14 Martin guitars in his collection. When discussing the edition, McLean said that given a choice between a Grammy and the […]

In 2000, Madonna unexpectedly recorded ‘American Pie’. On release in the UK it entered the official singles chart at number 1 and in the US made the top-30 on airplay points alone. This prompted EMI to release a new “Best of Don McLean” CD that gave Don his first top-30 chart album hit in 20 years. […]