Don McLean will be hosting a radio event called “Maria Elena Holly – my life with Buddy Holly” in February (we don’t know the date yet) at 7pm on BBC radio 2 as part of their fifties series. Information will be available soon from the BBC website.


Brockton, Mass. October 4, 1975 Dear Don, I got your letter, and I thank you for it. In writing my book, I was exposed enough to the world of show-biz to know that I wouldn’t want to be part of it, but I retain enough innocence or naivete to find it a thrill to get […]

Today is the 48th anniversary of the death of Buddy Holly. Buddy Holly, 22, Jiles P Richardson – known as the Big Bopper – 28, and Ritchie Valens, 17, died in a crash shortly after take-off from Clear Lake, Iowa at 0100 local time. In 1990, it looked like Don’s daughter would be born on […]